Spring Iris (watercolour)
An owl (graphite & ink)
A pear (watercolour)
Marital Conflict (an etching coloured in photoshop)
Desert Prayer (ink & paint)
Portrait of Dame Jane Goodall (ink)
Faces expressing emotions (ink)
My favourite childhood toy, pet I would love to have, and what makes me angry (skissors, ink & paper)
The Worst Argument I've Witnessed
…while waiting for a train in London. The guy was fuming with rage, shouting at anyone who dared to look at the two, whilst the girl cried her eyes out ending up on the floor on all fours. Luckily one onlooker, a nurse, noticed in time that she was suffering an asthma attack and the girl was rescued before it was too late. I didn’t intervene, embarrassed to admit. Just like the others on the platform, I looked away until the nurse stepped in.

(Ink & pastel colours)

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