Logo for a Yoga School
Logo for a restaurant 
Logo for a blog
Logo for a campaign which objective was to raise awareness of tax avoidance. 'Veroparatiisi' is Finnish word for 'tax haven' and 'matkat' is Finnish for 'travels'. The whole identity (see my the project Tax Havens Travel Agency) played with the idea of a luxury travel agency.
Logo for an international networking event which brings together volunteer workers and organisations which offer volunteering opportunities.
Logo for a meeting point for those interested in global development issues.
Logo for a campaign.
Logo for a London charity which organised country breaks for the homeless in London.
50th year logo for the recruitment agency.
Logo for an event with the theme citizen participation.
Logo for a yearly event which brings together those interested in doing volunteer work and organisations and charities which need volunteers. 'Anna' is a Finnish word for the word 'give' and 'aikaa' is Finnish for 'time'.
Logo for a lobbying group which brings together members of the Finnish public who wish to influence the political decision making as regards to global issues and problems.
Logo for a campaign which ran alongside the country elections in Finland. It's objective was to persuade the candidates to commit to favour fair trade products over others if elected. 'Aanesta kuntasi reiluksi' is Finnish for 'vote your county fair'.
A logo for the campaign which aim was to raise enough money to restore the decaying iconic spire of the Dulwich church.
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