Jakaminen on pelkkää plussaa = Sharing is Positive
The campaign ran along the Finnish Parliament elections and was aimed at the candidates. The campaign's objective was to promote global development work in the third world countries and the concept was built of showing the positive effects of development work carried on in the past.

Art direction, graphic design and illustration
Brochure cover
Brochure spread
Thanks to development work the marital age of a girl has risen from 14 to 18 in many developing countries.
If a tiny tax of 0.05% was imposed on the financial trading industry, Europe alone would receive billions in a year in tax income which could be used for common good.
The number of child deaths has halved in the developing countries in just 50 years thanks to persistent development work.
We will face a number of disasters such as distinction or many species, floods, droughts, famine and war along with rising temperature.
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